Proj. ID P027114 - Section 4

December 14-15, 2023

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1. SC-18 (Shelby Rd.) Interchange
2. S-82 (Pleasant School Rd.) Interchange
3. S-11 (W.Floyd Baker Blvd.) Interchange
4. Gaffney Ferry Rd. Interchange

I-85 NB
I-85 SB
Cresthaven Dr.
Loop B: S-11 (Chesnee Hwy.) to I-85 SB
Loop D: S-11 (Floyd Baker Blvd.) to I-85 NB
Ramp A: Chesnee Hwy. to I-85 SB
Ramp A: I-85 SB to Pleasant School Rd.
Ramp A: I-85 SB to Shelby Hwy.
Ramp B: I-85 SB to Chesnee Hwy.
Ramp B: Pleasant School Rd. to I-85 SB
Ramp C: Floyd Baker Blvd. to I-85 NB
Ramp C: I-85 NB to Shelby Hwy.
S-11 (Chesnee Hwy.)
S-11 (W Floyd Baker Blvd.)
S-518 (Allison Dr.)
S-659 (Windslow Ave.)
S-661 EXISTING (Hampshire Dr.)
S-82 EXISTING (Pleasant School Rd.)
SC-18 EXISTING (Shelby Hwy.)
SC-329 (Victory Trail Rd.)
Speedway Rd.
S-663 (Wind Hill Rd.)